Arnold S. Weintraub

Arnie Weintraub is the managing member and lead IP attorney at The Weintraub Group. Mr. Weintraub is a registered patent attorney since 1970 and focuses his practice exclusively in the areas of intellectual property law, including the preparation, prosecution and procurement of patents, trademarks, as well as copyright registrations. He also has an extensive litigation practice, having practiced at both the trial and appellate levels involving intellectual property issues, including patents, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, copyrights and unfair competition matters, as well as experience in proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. He has been involved in reported case decisions from both the federal and state courts.

Mr. Weintraub is a 1968 cum laude graduate of the Wayne State University Law School. Following his graduation from law school, Mr. Weintraub began his career as an associate attorney at what is now BASF Corporation. He then moved into private practice in 1971.

Mr. Weintraub can be contacted at

Dennis Lacina

Dennis Lacina has been Of Counsel with The Weintraub Group, P.L.C. and its predecessors over the last 20 years. Dennis has over 30 years of experience as a practicing patent attorney. Dennis' contributions are invaluable with respect to analyzing new inventions, search results, preparing and prosecuting patent applications, as well as providing infringement analysis.

Dennis can be reached at

Kenneth L. Stein

Mr. Kenneth L. Stein is also of counsel to the firm.

Ken received his Undergraduate Degree from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Engineering. Ken received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from Wayne State University Law School and has been a practitioner of Intellectual Property Law since 1995.

Ken is presently a member of the California Bar and was previously a member of the Michigan State Bar.

Ken brings to the firm a vast array of experience in all facets of Intellectual Property Law, including patent drafting, infringement litigation, trademark registrations, as well as licensing. He has worked in the technological fields of computer software, human-computer interfaces, medical devices, robotics and controls and various other mechanical arts.

Other Attorneys

In addition to Messrs. Weintraub and Lacina, The Weintraub Group, P.L.C. affiliates itself with other attorneys in order to handle complex intellectual property litigation, including the Law Firm of Eric Bryen, P.C.

Eric, with his court experience, along with his support staff, enables The Weintraub Group, P.L.C to provide its clients with quality representation at fair fees.